Firemen, firewomen

Everybody is invited to the party, it’s just that few woked-up at midnight, others did it at 3, some at 4. The first ones spoke quietly to respect the dreams of sleepers, but as more and more are awake, the noise increases in such a way that at the end we will all be dancing in the same party.

Few minutes before dawn, the night darkest moment takes place. Just keep shining and the light in our hearts will help others to awake.

Proctocols associated with different traditions have been the language that each culture developed to achieve the same contact with the inner essence, with Pacha Mama and God.

From natives we most learn and recover those memories (that are also part of our operating system) to be able to re-plug into our true essence.

Healers are just but a support to help those memories to flourish. We are like small fires warming-up our sisters and helping them to light so they can do the same. From candle to candle, from small fire to small fire we will end with the largest fire ever seen, the one from Love.



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Which education

Most of our learning comes out of experience. In all daily life events we learn and help other people to learn, however, too often education programmes put their focus in their content as if learning was just a matter of courses and lectures. I have been involved in many programmes in the field of development and in the business one and with few exceptions they do not practice what they preach. Solidarity, democracy, participation, collaboration and other nice concepts are part of the portfolio they offer but at home this is not part of their daily life. Students go there to learn about better future for their home countries and what they experience is often a highly individualistic and market oriented paradigm. So, when they go back to their real life tasks they will apply nice theories in the same way they experienced. What if education programmes put equal or even higher emphasis in designing the practices and experiences that surround learning. For instance promoting more knowledge sharing, collaborative projects to support their daily lives, open source software or a shared use of goods?
This current paradigm has shown that we move more and more to a close-end road. The planet is being destroyed in many ways, poverty keeps growing, wars are on the scene… So we need to move out of the box and develop new ones. I believe that sharing and collaboration would be at the core of the emerging paths

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Smells and beauty

The room filled with candles, a gentle rhythm of a saxo dances all over, in the corner some beautiful roses and the air surrounded by a soft and erotic incense. The two lovers look at each other eyes and go into a dance, trapped by the smells and the sounds they fly in the arms of fire. They melt into one light, one sound, one smell, one beauty, ONE.


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Love pains

Most love pains come from the fact that we are trapped between the past and the future: the nostalgic memories of a past that is not here any more and the sadness of a future that won’t be. Heal the past (recapitulation), redefine the vision and live the present.

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After many years, too many, I have decided to stop my attempt to have a PhD degree. To take such decision has not been an easy challenge; I can assure you that more difficult than finishing a PhD is to quit it! While I was in the struggle I had good friends who gave me strong arguments in one or the other direction and that made even more difficult to take a decision. But that brought to one clear point: the only valid decision was the one that I would take from my heart.

There is one main issue behind my decision and it refers to he contradictions emerging between the scientific paradigm guiding most academic institutions and the paradigm that has become my core path. It can be easily summarised: I cannot understand science without magic and without God, love. I am not talking about the freedom of speech or faith; no it is not an issue of my freedom to choose my believes as part of my private life. No, it refers to the fact that modern science rejects any form of magic, it denies the existence of other forms of reality and most important (or tragic…) it has decided to keep Love as a separate domain.

In the sake of objectivity the rational mind took over knowledge and expelled other forms of wisdom out of academia. It was not the case in ancient times; before all forms of wisdom were part of the world of education and research. Maybe I am moving backward in time or I am simply tuning with what human kind should have never abandoned. Time will show.

The many challenges that surrounded my PhD quest brought me to a rich and challenging inner search. This one led me to an incredible spiritual journey that has enriched my life in a way difficult to describe and explain. The result is that the current me is very different from the one who one day decided to engage in the quest of a new diploma. Today this degree does not offers what I want for my life.

I am aware of the implications of my choice. Apart from the professional barriers that are obvious I know that some people will judge me, even without inquiring my inner motivations. I have taken this decision in love and in a deep sense of peace and respect, this gives me the strength and the conviction that I have just followed my heart and that it is a decision in harmony with Mother Earth and Great Spirit. This allows me to walk my talk with Alegría (happiness).


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From IBM to the shine of your eyes

It took me many years to delete from my system the image of God that religion installed in my heart and my mind since I was a kid. Raised as a Catholic with all the weight that sin imposes I grew with the idea that God was an old man sitting behind a computer. At that time it was a big, big IBM one with many tapes spinning in different directions. Nowadays with a couple of good servers it would be enough. But yes, this old man would have an infinite database where all positive and negative actions from all humans were recorded.

Using his infinite powers he would be able to scan all events around the planet and track even the subtlest thoughts to count the sins and the good actions. Somehow this image of God was a combination of a sophisticated accountant and a super Big Brother. Linked to this image was the idea of God that was ready to reward or to punish; a God that could be tough and really upset or kind and tender.

It took me years to discover that such God does not exist. That image is just but part of a control machine created by humans to control humans. There is not such accounting and there is no universal Big Brother and even less rewards and punishments.

The best way to describe my own experience with God would be the image of a huge star, hundred times larger than our sun; an infinite source of energy, always in movement, always in action. An energy that is pure love, only love. Each of us is just but one spark of that boiling stream of love. This God does not sanction, it simply IS.

We are those sparks of light moving away from the source in a journey that first brings us to the dark. And only from there we are able to see the light, just to fly back to it, to merge in joy and happiness with the love essence we are. We are one single spark since we leave Great Spirit till we melt again in it.

Along the way we cross many others, sisters and brothers, in their own journeys; some times a simple blink in the street, or half-life together. As you reconnect with God you are able to understand, and specially to feel, that we are all one. We are all sparks of God. So the beauty of your eyes or the shine of that butterfly are the best image of God you can have.

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Invaded house

Imagine one of these yuppies that on their 30s have already achieved an impressive amount of wealth. Well, one of them decided, out of the blue, to move back to his mother’s house. With no announcement one day he came home, greeted his young brothers and sisters and recovered control of his old room. The mother was a bit surprised but the general mood was a warm and happy welcome.
Gradually he started to impose his way of life. Threw away what he didn’t like, change the decoration in the living room and became highly demanding. Of course he didn’t contribute to the household economy (some business people become rich because they know very well how to squeeze their mates). The rest of the family got more and more disturbed but he was the elder and imposed his law. The refrigerator was now an empty black hole and the social areas became a giant trash basket. The mother was sending and sending messages asking a different behaviour, a more responsible use of the resources, more respect towards sisters and brothers. She left notes in doors, talked to him, she even made a beautiful painting showing the harmony that beauty brings. All efforts were vain. The domestic economy was exhausted, the sisters and brothers became almost his slaves and the dignity and honour of the mother became just a memory and even an excuse to laugh.
One day the mother decided to send a stronger message: she took all his non-sense gadgets and fashion clothes and burned it in the garden. When he came back he was shocked and blamed everyone. Partially because of the lost items but mainly he would have to spend time in buying new ones and therefore diverting his precious time from his main passion: to make money.
And I ask myself: does our planet deserve that same miserable behaviour? It might be time to listen to Mother Earth and stop exhausting her resources and using her as a global bin. The volcano is just but another post-it in the door…which would be the lesson: that airlines lost some money?

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